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Hello there! Thank you for stumbling across my little blog, Imagennblog. This is a place mostly for my writing, although I do type about other things now and then. Mainly I participate in small writing challenges every week.
I live in a pretty uneventful suburb somewhere in Australia and nothing exciting really happens, Imagennblog is a place for me to properly express myself without any boundaries (which is why i’m also anonymous). As it is my dream to become an author one day I believe that blogging on here is a great way to enhance my writing skills to their full potential (whatever that may be). I enjoy both writing and reading most genres so you will find that my pieces will range from dark mysteries to cute love stories and so forth.
Anyways, I really hope you read some of my posts and if you like them please click that little blue button to follow my blog 🙂
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100 Word Challenge- south


Hello 🙂 Here’s another 100 Word Challenge! This one I had some trouble with, but I ended up writing a short little piece about a whale-watching trip. My inspiration for this piece came from the time when I was on a whale-watching trip, though sadly it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the one written here; my whale-watching experience merely made me find out that I’m not immune to seasickness 😦
I hope you enjoy, feel free to type down some comments below and give this post a like if you did!
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Migrating South

I rocked backwards and forwards, feeling the push and pull of the ocean from every direction.
An older woman called out through a megaphone, her voice well-rehearsed after years of training.
“Now ladies and gentlemen, my crew have spotted a whale off to the right. This will be the first of many to come as the sperm whales are migrating south for…”
Her words were cut off by the exclamations of delight from the passengers leaning over the railings. I looked up in awe as the beautiful creature breached, its tremendous power spraying a wave of salty seawater towards us.

99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge: Help


Hello 🙂 This week’s 99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge’ prompt was to do with help. Now I had so many different ideas swirling around in my head for this one (which I know I basically write for every  writing challenge on here…) but, I decided to do a simple story about getting help for the little things in life.
This story is also very loosely based off on a true story of when I went ice-skating with friends, it was a horrible experience for me since I am really bad at trying to keep balanced when standing up on the solid earth, let alone slippery ice.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy my little piece.
Thanks for reading, there’ll be another post up soon 🙂

Gliding on Ice
Fiona and I’d decided on ice-skating last week. I remembered the conversation all too well.
“How about this date night we go ice-skating?” Her voice slightly muzzled from the phone reception.
“Ice-skating… you sure? I mean-”
Fiona had laughed.
“Come on Harvey, it’ll be fine. I’ve been skating my whole life…and you can hold onto me for help…” Her voice had took on a playful edge.
Fiona could tell I wasn’t joking when I now gripped onto her for dear life.
The things you do for love”, I muttered glumly, watching Fiona’s smile as she glided on the ice.

100 Word Challenge: Power- my entry


Alrighty! Another 100 Word Challenge 🙂
I loved this prompt because I felt it tied in really well with my current story. For those of you who don’t know (or may have forgotten) I wrote a simple 100 Word Challenge story a few weeks back which received quite a few comments requesting a follow-up. Now I’ve made it a larger piece which already has two other parts.
Both of the previous parts are other 100 Word Challenges and although I like writing the story in this sense, I feel that it is hard to put much detail and emphasis on certain parts of the story so if you have any suggestions for longer prompts (or perhaps I may just start writing a thousand words every week for the story) please comment them below 🙂
This doesn’t mean in the slightest that I won’t continue doing the 100 Word Challenge prompts, just that I will probably not write them about this story 🙂
This reminds me! The writing piece which I have been referring to as ‘the story’ definitely needs a better name, so after some thinking I have decided on:

Murky Absence

I hope you like the title of this longer writing piece. I’m sure a lot of you will be completely unsure what I’ve been talking about so I urge you to check out the links above for part 1 and 2 of this story -especially before reading part 3-.
Thanks for reading. There’ll be another post up soon 🙂

Murky Absence                                                                                                              part 3

My car trips from the therapist were usually forgotten; merely a divider between two events.
I turned right sharply, deaf to the angry honks behind me.
The way home was never forgotten, but today the landscape wasn’t familiar.
What compelled you to veer right, Ethan?

A memory twinkled in the distance.
Its soft gleam amplified into a blinding flash.
My unrecognisable voice thundered power, Sara suffered in my wrath.
A house on my left regained its familiarity.
I was about to escape, become absent in my murky memories, when a horrific crash launched me forward.
Airbags activated.
Memories forgotten.

99 Word Flash Fiction: Agoraphobia


Hello guys! This is another 99 Word Flash Fiction challenge. This prompt was one that I was unfamiliar with (at least partially). Agoraphobia, from what I have learnt is a type of anxiety disorder and has to do with being in public places.
Without further ado (sorry I really wanted to write that in at least one of my posts) here is my little piece which actually has a title this time- exciting stuff!
Thanks for reading, there’ll be another post up soon 🙂

Tense Melodies

The classical music in the air, the sweet melody that lifted the darkness off my shoulders stopped abruptly. My chest was tight, my hands clammy. A rope was being coiled around my heart.

Fearfully I looked up towards Kye. His hands had stopped. His face exposed the overwhelming panic clutching his throat. I didn’t take my eyes off Kye but I could sense the people in the audience eyeing each other, saying unspoken questions.

Why’d he stop?

Did he forget the notes?

Will he keep playing?

He raised his fearful eyes to my tense; asking his mum for support.

100 Word Challenge: A minus -my entry


Hello 🙂
I love this very different prompt this week. Funnily enough my English teacher made my class do the exact same thing at the beginning of February, but we also had a picture prompt of some white stallions galloping along the beach. While many people had a sad story, full of meaning and tranquility about the symbolism behind the artwork…I wrote the story from one of the horses’ POV. It was trying to beat it’s older cousins for the “Yearly Horse Racing Competition”…definitely not some of my best work, haha.
I remember how frustrating it was, not too mention that it was hand-written not typed so I had to properly check to make sure I didn’t have a little “A” sneaking around. Everyone in our class had particular trouble trying to describe the water along the coast. I mean the words coast, water, aqua, ocean and sea didn’t work so I (jokingly) described the aqua with the word H2O…
Anyways, enough story time! Going back to the prompt, I fortunately remembered to not include any water in my piece and I made it present tense as I couldn’t use the word ‘was’. This story is a bit eerie, I’m not too sure how I feel about it but comments are definitely appreciated!
Thanks for reading there’ll be another post up soon 🙂


The clouds, ominously grey* frighten me.
I once believed sleeping corpses were serene. Just the leftovers, signifying your time in this world.
But, surround by hundreds of cement structures, their silhouettes lingering from the edge of my vision shifts my perspective.
I’ve never been here when the sun sleeps, when the creepy white glow from the milky sphere lights my route.
I rest the poppies onto my Nonno’s**  resting bed, like every other time.
Something doesn’t feel right…
I turn.
Then he’s there in front of me. My Nonno from the second he died, reformed in the moon’s icy glow.

*Because I am Australian, I spell the word “grey” with an “e” instead of an “a”. Quite unfortunate for the Americans who wanted to use the word “gray” in their story 🙂

**Just in case you didn’t know, “Nonno” is just the Italian word for “grandfather”, I used this  because “Nonno” has no “a’s”.

99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge: Adventure


Hello, this is my second post today, but I only have a day left for my entry to be submitted so here we are…again 🙂
I unfortunately missed out on posting last week’s Flash Fiction Challenge, I had written the story but not uploaded it. (If you want to know my reasoning behind this, go and check out the end of my One Month Anniversary post.)
This prompt (link back here) was all about adventure. I felt like writing a lighter story today…perhaps to compensate for my darker stories lately, haha.
I hope you enjoy.
Thanks for reading, there’ll be another post up soon.

The castle looms below me, and I can feel everyone’s triumph as I gallop down the steep hill on horseback.
The cheers reach my ears and I smile, my quest was successful.
A gleaming crown is placed upon my head. The sun is shimmering brightly in the clear sky, it too was clapping at my arrival.
As people bow at my feet, I awake.
“Come on Michael, dinner time.” My mum whispers before carrying me to the table.
I sit on my chair and give a toothy grin.
“What were you dreaming about, sweetie?”
“I was on an adventure!”

100 Word Challenge:List -my entry


Hello, I’m here’s another 100 Word Challenge. This actually my fifth one which is pretty cool 🙂 Now when I first saw this prompt I was very unsure on what to write about, I made a lot of drafts but the stories felt too tame and weak to post. I want this blog to feature my best content.
So, for my fifth 100 Word Challenge I’ve decided to do something different…
A continuation to be precise.
My last 100 Word Challenge was ‘Dream‘ and after I posted it I received a lot of comments requesting a continuation of the story, so here it is
(Quick note: If you haven’t checked out my other entry to the story, I really recommend you do so as it helps you have a bit more context before reading this one; there’s a link above 🙂 .)

I struggled to write my words, thoughts were jumbling inside my head.
I jotted down more points, unconsciously mumbling incoherent words and furrowing my eyebrows.
Done, I thought proudly.
Though as I glanced back at my list, it didn’t look right.
How did Ethan make you feel?
Sighing, I messily crossed off the words “beautiful”, “loving” and “happy”.
My whirlwind of thoughts had extinguished and I frowned at my empty list.
He made me feel hurt, afraid, shocked.
He made me rip my heart out of my chest, tear it into a thousand pieces and sew it back together again.


So what do you think? If you were hoping for some answers to be solved in this piece, you are probably going to be a bit disappointed as I believe this piece creates more questions instead.
It definitely doesn’t help that this piece is also not in the perspective of Ethan…
But, if I am going to continue a piece, I want it to be detailed, suspenseful  and long. Not too mention that I had to somehow include a “list” somewhere in the 100 words.
Comments are definitely appreciated and your feedback means a lot so feel free to speak your mind below 🙂

Thanks for reading, there’ll be another post up soon.

One Month Anniversary :)


It twas a regular night on the 28th of February when I stumbled upon this site. Who was I to know that later on I would end up making my own blog featuring my writing and other small pieces?
I love how simply clicking ‘Start a Blog’ has ended up (and is still continuing to) making my writing skills/creativity flourish and made me see the world- and more importantly the people in this world- in a whole new light.
Imagennblog has made me think about stories like never before, it has made me properly delve into the tiny fragments of how we view life/living every day. It has made me think of new blog post ideas at the back of my head when doing other tasks.
Imagennblog has made me realise how little 100/99 words really is when writing a story. It has also realise the meaning behind every photo, and the connotations associated with regular words.
This blog, my blog, Imagennblog has made me who I am today- to which I am eternally grateful.
Perhaps I am exaggerating a wee bit, but I do not fib when I say (or type 🙂 ) that this creativity platform has guided me so much into becoming the person I aspire to be…
….and  it’s only been a month! Who knows what could happen in 2 months, or 6, or 12???
I would like to show my appreciation to my amazing 10 followers who chose to click that blue button and be spammed with my posts 🙂
No, but seriously your nice comments and support means heaps. I always smile when I log onto this site and there is the little orange dot next to my notifications 🙂
So…happy one month anniversary, can’t wait to see what the future brings!
Thanks for reading there’ll be another post up soon.

Little side note here: It has been over a week since my last post was up and I feel pretty bad 😦 I hadn’t been  Wordpress at all and I missed out on some comments and writing competitions this week.
My best excuse is homework. Because I do accelerated maths (I am currently doing 2 grades in one year which sounds really confusing but is just annoying and time-consuming)  I have it every (school) day so whenever I get homework it is always due the very next day.
I also had a few assignments, but no more excuses! The end of Term 1 is really near- I can feel it, so expect more frequent posts soon 🙂

100 Word Challenge: Dream- my entry


Yay, I love doing these 100 word challenges! Not to mention how much I love this week’s prompt. The word dream could mean so many things to so many different people. Dreams come in so many different forms and have different messages to everyone. Personally, I’m quite boring as I barely remember my dreams- and when I do, they are never anything spectacular mostly just a bit odd (which I think sums me up pretty well :))
This 100 Word Challenge was definitely the hardest one I have ever done. My story was at 156 words and refused to budge. Eventually I got down to 100 using some strategic word play, regrettably cutting out some lines here and there and finally a hyphen at the end. This story is a bit dark and gloomy which I am starting to realise is becoming a motif in my writing. But, for reasons I can’t describe I like expressing my writing through sad and emotionally distraught characters and events.
My story is below:
Thanks for reading. There’ll be another post up soon 🙂

“Harrolds, Ethan.” The lady at the desk called.
Trying to look untroubled, I strode into Dr. Stevens’ room.
“Hello Dr. Stevens.” My voice quavered slightly as I laid back on the chair.
“How are you, Ethan?” I imagined my therapist taking out his notepad and putting on his spectacles.
“Good.” I lied.
“No more dreams then? No nightmares?”
I paused for too long.
The dreams came back last night. As they did every night. I would never forget the image of Sara’s little face bloodied and bruised and my heart-wrenching guilt at what I’d done.
“No…all gone now, I think.”


99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge- Monsters


Hello :). As you can tell from the title of the post, here is another 99 word flash fiction challenge. I actually wrote this story a few days ago and normally I would upload it as soon as I had typed it down on Word but, I wanted to upload my posts gradually and not just bombard you guys with 5 posts in your Reader.
Monsters are an interesting topic to write about. I didn’t want to do an action piece about someone who fights zombies or slays trolls or anything like that (although those types of action/dystopian/adventure stories are always spectacular) because for monsters I’d rather write about a topic that more people could relate to. This story is quite a dark and sad one but, I hope you enjoy:

The Constant Nightmare

She felt them every night.

Every morning, afternoon, evening.
They were there, posting comments, spreading hatred.

Trembling, the girl looked over at her desk.
Even though her laptop was shattered, their thoughts made their way into her soul.

“Ur so rude.”
“I hope u die!”

No, she thought. I’m not a monster, they are!

But still, their words left ice on her heart. The girl’s vision blurred as tears streamed down her face.

“I hate u!”
“Die already!”
“How could u say that?!”

The monsters haunted her, in and out of her dreams.
They were her constant nightmare.