End of the weekend


Hello…this is my second post! Hooray, I’ve made it to post no. 2! But, anyways I needed to address this post towards a very serious topic. THE WEEKEND! Where has it gone? I’m not sure when you are reading this but, for me it is already Sunday, and it’s 7pm! Anyone else feel like this weekend has gone by exceptionally fast?
For me, the weekend is a relief. It means no school (because I go to highschool), no responsibilities, just time for sleeping in, youtube and a good book. Ahh.. I’m literally sighing to myself as I’m writing this- that is how much I love the weekend. I love human society for giving the world two days for relaxing (and I am aware that a lot of people have jobs that they work 7 days a week, which absolutely sucks- but I am just speaking from my own, work-free , weekend experience.)
Probably the main reason why I dislike school so much is because of waking up early. I am 100 percent NOT A MORNING PERSON- sorry I did caps there, I just felt like emphasising the fact that I’m not a morning person, didn’t mean to shout-. I cannot wake up in the mornings, My eyes feel glued shut, and I cannot stop yawning. But, come night time and for hours I lay wide awake looking into the pitch black darkness and thinking “SLEEP ALREADY!” -did mean to yell there. I guess people (or just me) are weird like that.
Anyways, back to the topic at hand- the end of the weekend. I already miss it…is that weird? Is it weird that I already miss the weekend..yet, I am still in the weekend?? I think so.
But, leave a comment (I am pretty sure you can leave comments for blog posts- well at least according to “Girl Online” you can- errgh I am internally groaning at how pathetic I sound.) if you are missing the weekend as well, and also what you like to do on the weekend.
Thanks for reading. There’ll be another blog post up soon.