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Hello. In my first blog post I briefly mentioned how I enjoy reading and writing, and so I’m going to be talking about that now to you in a 2-way but actually 1-way conversation.
I have loved reading from a young age (and I still am fairly young, but still.. I mean infant age) but, my first proper series that I ever read was Percy Jackson. I read these in around third grade, so my reading skills weren’t the best, but, I soldiered through them and was captivated by the story of greek mythology being around in today’s society, invisible for everyone but, those who had greek mythology in their blood (except for some weirdly gifted mortals like Percy’s mum and the monsters, but you get my point.)
After I had finished Percy Jackson, I started buying other books- though I stayed in the adventure genre- and soon I was reading other series like the Kane Chronicles, and books by Emily Rodda.They were all pretty much a mix of fantasy and adventure novels and I was in love with reading. I would spend 6 hours straight, on my bed reading a book until I had finished and moved onto the next one (I am still like this today!)
Nowadays, I have branched out of the adventure and fantasy genre and have recently been reading some biographies and drama/romance novels- though I don’t ever forget my adventure roots.
As much as I have loved reading, I have loved writing. Back in Year one and two, I always got really excited when we did “Publishing” (just a weird name for “writing”) and I would write stories about mermaids and castles with princesses and just about anything, that and “Spelling” (self-explanatory name) were my favourite activities.
My passion for writing increased as I grew up at primary school. In year 5, I wrote a (very bad, but at the time I thought was amazing)  52 page novel- though, mind you it was size 16 font (!)- in the genre of fantasy. Writing for me back then and now is all about writing as you go along, when I was writing my Novella I had no clue how it would end, I didn’t even know what would happen in the next chapter! I just made it up as I went along, and I pretty much do the same thing today- except I have a bit more of an idea of what the story will be about!
Now come to think of it, my writing style scarily mirrors how I live my life. I am a horrible procrastinator- right now, I kid you not, I should be starting my science assignment (!)- in everything, and I tend to leave my homework to the last minute (my excuse to my mother is that I always get good grades so it’s fine). I pretty much take things as it comes, though sometimes I need a plan in my head like ‘Tomorrow, I need to do this, this and this..’ but, that is about as far as it gets with me  (it also doesn’t help that I have a very poor short-term memory).
At the moment I am into writing and reading dystopian novels, I guess because of how popular they have recently become. My favourite dystopian novel is ACID by Emma Pass. If you are into dystopian and action books, I urge you to check it out.
So, what about you? Comment (I now know that you can definitely comment on blog posts, haha) your favourite books/genre of books down below. I hope you enjoyed reading this longer post. Goodbye, there’ll be another post soon. xx


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  1. I think every great writer begins as a great reader. Both writing and reading teach us to access the imagination and t think up new and different possibilities. I would have liked Percy Jackson. As it was, I read Laura Ingalls Wilder. Now I write western historical fiction. 🙂 You are a good writer. Keep writing!

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  3. Even i started my reading with Percy Jackson.i guess it really is a very interesting book(though i read it in grade 5, right now i’m in 7th by the way ) and my favorite genre is still adventure and fantasy.

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    • Yes, Percy Jackson was a very popular book series when it first came out and it still is today among primary schoolers. I love that you also started your reading with Percy Jackson, and I agree with you about your favourite genres; sometimes you can never beat the intense action and extraordinary worlds in the fantasy and adventure books!


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