What is this blog?


Hello there! Thank you for stumbling across my little blog, Imagennblog. This is a place mostly for my writing, although I do type about other things now and then. Mainly I participate in small writing challenges every week.
I live in a pretty uneventful suburb somewhere in Australia and nothing exciting really happens, Imagennblog is a place for me to properly express myself without any boundaries (which is why i’m also anonymous). As it is my dream to become an author one day I believe that blogging on here is a great way to enhance my writing skills to their full potential (whatever that may be). I enjoy both writing and reading most genres so you will find that my pieces will range from dark mysteries to cute love stories and so forth.
Anyways, I really hope you read some of my posts and if you like them please click that little blue button to follow my blog 🙂
Thanks for reading!