My ‘100 Word Challenge:Duty’


Hello 🙂 This is my second go at the 100 Word Challenges and this time the word was ‘duty’. I had a lot of different ideas for what I could write about because the word ‘duty’ can be used in so many different contexts. Anyways this is what I came up with, I hope you’ll enjoy:
An inhumane growling.
Faces mutilated beyond repair.
It was the apocalypse, and these were the zombies.
They were fast, faster than humans. When you were bitten, the effect was immediate. Even in death, there was no escape.
Zombies had poor eyesight, it was their only disadvantage.
I crouched behind an over-turned table, in an abandoned café. But a young girl was hiding behind it, her eyes wide with fear.
“Your parents…?”
She shook her head. “Can’t find them…”
I felt it my duty to protect her, at least for the time being.
“Come on… we’ll find your parents.”

8 thoughts on “My ‘100 Word Challenge:Duty’

  1. I’ve always loved the zombie apocalypse (the theoretical possibility of it, anyway), and anything set in it. I know I’ve written my own fair share! Moments like these are heart-warming.

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    • Definitely. If an apocalypse were to ever happen the worst thing about it would be the effects it has on humanity and yourself emotionally rather than the zombies themselves.


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