100 Word Challenge: Change- my entry


Hello 🙂 Today, I bring you another 100 Word Challenge! I’m really getting into these now, and I loved this week’s prompt: change.
Change can mean so many different things to different people. It could be moving to a new school, house, country. It could be a change in your daily routine or in your career. Change could be as small as taking a taxi instead of the bus, or it could be something as great as separating yourself from a relationship with someone.
Change could have both good and bad consequences. But, for many people it’s worth escaping the repetitiveness of their everyday lives.
Because you can only write so much in 100 words, and because I am not that good of a writer yet, I decided to make my little piece about a small change that the protagonist takes. I hope you enjoy:

Heads or Tails?

The amber trees swayed feebly as Kaden and I studied in the lonely park.
Normally a homeless man would sleep on the park benches or kids would be on the swings that now hanged limp. Today though,  it was completely quiet.
Kaden was hunched over his work but his pen was still.
“Kaden, this is boring. Let’s play a game.”
Kaden smiled and brought out a coin.
“Heads or tails?”
I always picked heads. Usually, Kaden wouldn’t even ask me.
But this time, I felt something was different. Change was needed.
He flipped the coin in surprise.
I won.


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    • Thanks :). And YES, I can definitely see myself having a go at ‘A Story in Five Sentences’, in fact, I might try writing a draft right now. Thanks for the suggestion xx


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