A Story in Five Sentences- my entry


Hello, I came across this writing challenge (link back here) after it was suggested to me by the blog site ‘Lerology‘. This challenge was definitely (with want for a better word) challenging, and was probably the most challenging challenge I have done so far…
The challenge is quite self-explanatory from the title but, basically you need to write a story in only 5 sentences and the word count cannot exceed 100 words.
I made a lot of drafts for this one and had ideas that simply didn’t work out, but finally here is my result; I hope you enjoy:

Pens and Bookshelves                                                                                                               (100 words)

It was on day 1 that I first glimpsed you.
We were in the library and you sent butterflies up and down my stomach, hidden behind a bookshelf I had watched you from the corner of my eye.

It was on day 11 when we first spoke.
I had picked up your pen in the lecture hall with a mumbled “here” and a lopsided smile- after that you seemed to always drop your pen around me.

It was on today that we shared our first kiss, we were hidden behind a bookshelf and your pen had fell to the ground…



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