99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge- Monsters


Hello :). As you can tell from the title of the post, here is another 99 word flash fiction challenge. I actually wrote this story a few days ago and normally I would upload it as soon as I had typed it down on Word but, I wanted to upload my posts gradually and not just bombard you guys with 5 posts in your Reader.
Monsters are an interesting topic to write about. I didn’t want to do an action piece about someone who fights zombies or slays trolls or anything like that (although those types of action/dystopian/adventure stories are always spectacular) because for monsters I’d rather write about a topic that more people could relate to. This story is quite a dark and sad one but, I hope you enjoy:

The Constant Nightmare

She felt them every night.

Every morning, afternoon, evening.
They were there, posting comments, spreading hatred.

Trembling, the girl looked over at her desk.
Even though her laptop was shattered, their thoughts made their way into her soul.

“Ur so rude.”
“I hope u die!”

No, she thought. I’m not a monster, they are!

But still, their words left ice on her heart. The girl’s vision blurred as tears streamed down her face.

“I hate u!”
“Die already!”
“How could u say that?!”

The monsters haunted her, in and out of her dreams.
They were her constant nightmare.


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  2. I like your point about the typical monsters adding action to a stories. Your flash takes on the quiet monsters that prey on the vulnerable in society. I liked your use of using text lingo, which give the story a realistic edge.

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