100 Word Challenge: Dream- my entry


Yay, I love doing these 100 word challenges! Not to mention how much I love this week’s prompt. The word dream could mean so many things to so many different people. Dreams come in so many different forms and have different messages to everyone. Personally, I’m quite boring as I barely remember my dreams- and when I do, they are never anything spectacular mostly just a bit odd (which I think sums me up pretty well :))
This 100 Word Challenge was definitely the hardest one I have ever done. My story was at 156 words and refused to budge. Eventually I got down to 100 using some strategic word play, regrettably cutting out some lines here and there and finally a hyphen at the end. This story is a bit dark and gloomy which I am starting to realise is becoming a motif in my writing. But, for reasons I can’t describe I like expressing my writing through sad and emotionally distraught characters and events.
My story is below:
Thanks for reading. There’ll be another post up soon 🙂

“Harrolds, Ethan.” The lady at the desk called.
Trying to look untroubled, I strode into Dr. Stevens’ room.
“Hello Dr. Stevens.” My voice quavered slightly as I laid back on the chair.
“How are you, Ethan?” I imagined my therapist taking out his notepad and putting on his spectacles.
“Good.” I lied.
“No more dreams then? No nightmares?”
I paused for too long.
The dreams came back last night. As they did every night. I would never forget the image of Sara’s little face bloodied and bruised and my heart-wrenching guilt at what I’d done.
“No…all gone now, I think.”



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  3. This reads to a lead-in for something bigger and darker. Just about enough details to hint at what’s going on without giving your hand away. Enjoyed it!

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    • Glad the character’s depth really intrigued you! I’m not too sure about doing a sequel- I kind of like how the ending makes you think of a million possibilities…but, who knows? Maybe one day I will be itching to continue the story line and if I do I’ll definitely share it on here 🙂

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