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Hello, I’m here’s another 100 Word Challenge. This actually my fifth one which is pretty cool 🙂 Now when I first saw this prompt I was very unsure on what to write about, I made a lot of drafts but the stories felt too tame and weak to post. I want this blog to feature my best content.
So, for my fifth 100 Word Challenge I’ve decided to do something different…
A continuation to be precise.
My last 100 Word Challenge was ‘Dream‘ and after I posted it I received a lot of comments requesting a continuation of the story, so here it is
(Quick note: If you haven’t checked out my other entry to the story, I really recommend you do so as it helps you have a bit more context before reading this one; there’s a link above 🙂 .)

I struggled to write my words, thoughts were jumbling inside my head.
I jotted down more points, unconsciously mumbling incoherent words and furrowing my eyebrows.
Done, I thought proudly.
Though as I glanced back at my list, it didn’t look right.
How did Ethan make you feel?
Sighing, I messily crossed off the words “beautiful”, “loving” and “happy”.
My whirlwind of thoughts had extinguished and I frowned at my empty list.
He made me feel hurt, afraid, shocked.
He made me rip my heart out of my chest, tear it into a thousand pieces and sew it back together again.


So what do you think? If you were hoping for some answers to be solved in this piece, you are probably going to be a bit disappointed as I believe this piece creates more questions instead.
It definitely doesn’t help that this piece is also not in the perspective of Ethan…
But, if I am going to continue a piece, I want it to be detailed, suspenseful  and long. Not too mention that I had to somehow include a “list” somewhere in the 100 words.
Comments are definitely appreciated and your feedback means a lot so feel free to speak your mind below 🙂

Thanks for reading, there’ll be another post up soon.


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  2. I think it does help that the perspective is a different Point of View. It’s good to see the same problem through each character. That can create interesting tension, giving the reader insight the characters don’t have.

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