One Month Anniversary :)


It twas a regular night on the 28th of February when I stumbled upon this site. Who was I to know that later on I would end up making my own blog featuring my writing and other small pieces?
I love how simply clicking ‘Start a Blog’ has ended up (and is still continuing to) making my writing skills/creativity flourish and made me see the world- and more importantly the people in this world- in a whole new light.
Imagennblog has made me think about stories like never before, it has made me properly delve into the tiny fragments of how we view life/living every day. It has made me think of new blog post ideas at the back of my head when doing other tasks.
Imagennblog has made me realise how little 100/99 words really is when writing a story. It has also realise the meaning behind every photo, and the connotations associated with regular words.
This blog, my blog, Imagennblog has made me who I am today- to which I am eternally grateful.
Perhaps I am exaggerating a wee bit, but I do not fib when I say (or type 🙂 ) that this creativity platform has guided me so much into becoming the person I aspire to be…
….and  it’s only been a month! Who knows what could happen in 2 months, or 6, or 12???
I would like to show my appreciation to my amazing 10 followers who chose to click that blue button and be spammed with my posts 🙂
No, but seriously your nice comments and support means heaps. I always smile when I log onto this site and there is the little orange dot next to my notifications 🙂
So…happy one month anniversary, can’t wait to see what the future brings!
Thanks for reading there’ll be another post up soon.

Little side note here: It has been over a week since my last post was up and I feel pretty bad 😦 I hadn’t been  Wordpress at all and I missed out on some comments and writing competitions this week.
My best excuse is homework. Because I do accelerated maths (I am currently doing 2 grades in one year which sounds really confusing but is just annoying and time-consuming)  I have it every (school) day so whenever I get homework it is always due the very next day.
I also had a few assignments, but no more excuses! The end of Term 1 is really near- I can feel it, so expect more frequent posts soon 🙂


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