100 Word Challenge: A minus -my entry


Hello 🙂
I love this very different prompt this week. Funnily enough my English teacher made my class do the exact same thing at the beginning of February, but we also had a picture prompt of some white stallions galloping along the beach. While many people had a sad story, full of meaning and tranquility about the symbolism behind the artwork…I wrote the story from one of the horses’ POV. It was trying to beat it’s older cousins for the “Yearly Horse Racing Competition”…definitely not some of my best work, haha.
I remember how frustrating it was, not too mention that it was hand-written not typed so I had to properly check to make sure I didn’t have a little “A” sneaking around. Everyone in our class had particular trouble trying to describe the water along the coast. I mean the words coast, water, aqua, ocean and sea didn’t work so I (jokingly) described the aqua with the word H2O…
Anyways, enough story time! Going back to the prompt, I fortunately remembered to not include any water in my piece and I made it present tense as I couldn’t use the word ‘was’. This story is a bit eerie, I’m not too sure how I feel about it but comments are definitely appreciated!
Thanks for reading there’ll be another post up soon 🙂


The clouds, ominously grey* frighten me.
I once believed sleeping corpses were serene. Just the leftovers, signifying your time in this world.
But, surround by hundreds of cement structures, their silhouettes lingering from the edge of my vision shifts my perspective.
I’ve never been here when the sun sleeps, when the creepy white glow from the milky sphere lights my route.
I rest the poppies onto my Nonno’s**  resting bed, like every other time.
Something doesn’t feel right…
I turn.
Then he’s there in front of me. My Nonno from the second he died, reformed in the moon’s icy glow.

*Because I am Australian, I spell the word “grey” with an “e” instead of an “a”. Quite unfortunate for the Americans who wanted to use the word “gray” in their story 🙂

**Just in case you didn’t know, “Nonno” is just the Italian word for “grandfather”, I used this  because “Nonno” has no “a’s”.


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    • Yeah, as soon as I wrote “grey” in my story I realised how small differences in spelling could impact how some stories were from others. I thought I should mention it in case I had people from the U.S (who spell it differently) comment about it 🙂

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