100 Word Challenge- south


Hello 🙂 Here’s another 100 Word Challenge! This one I had some trouble with, but I ended up writing a short little piece about a whale-watching trip. My inspiration for this piece came from the time when I was on a whale-watching trip, though sadly it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the one written here; my whale-watching experience merely made me find out that I’m not immune to seasickness 😦
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Migrating South

I rocked backwards and forwards, feeling the push and pull of the ocean from every direction.
An older woman called out through a megaphone, her voice well-rehearsed after years of training.
“Now ladies and gentlemen, my crew have spotted a whale off to the right. This will be the first of many to come as the sperm whales are migrating south for…”
Her words were cut off by the exclamations of delight from the passengers leaning over the railings. I looked up in awe as the beautiful creature breached, its tremendous power spraying a wave of salty seawater towards us.


99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge: Help


Hello 🙂 This week’s 99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge’ prompt was to do with help. Now I had so many different ideas swirling around in my head for this one (which I know I basically write for every  writing challenge on here…) but, I decided to do a simple story about getting help for the little things in life.
This story is also very loosely based off on a true story of when I went ice-skating with friends, it was a horrible experience for me since I am really bad at trying to keep balanced when standing up on the solid earth, let alone slippery ice.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy my little piece.
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Gliding on Ice
Fiona and I’d decided on ice-skating last week. I remembered the conversation all too well.
“How about this date night we go ice-skating?” Her voice slightly muzzled from the phone reception.
“Ice-skating… you sure? I mean-”
Fiona had laughed.
“Come on Harvey, it’ll be fine. I’ve been skating my whole life…and you can hold onto me for help…” Her voice had took on a playful edge.
Fiona could tell I wasn’t joking when I now gripped onto her for dear life.
The things you do for love”, I muttered glumly, watching Fiona’s smile as she glided on the ice.

100 Word Challenge: Power- my entry


Alrighty! Another 100 Word Challenge 🙂
I loved this prompt because I felt it tied in really well with my current story. For those of you who don’t know (or may have forgotten) I wrote a simple 100 Word Challenge story a few weeks back which received quite a few comments requesting a follow-up. Now I’ve made it a larger piece which already has two other parts.
Both of the previous parts are other 100 Word Challenges and although I like writing the story in this sense, I feel that it is hard to put much detail and emphasis on certain parts of the story so if you have any suggestions for longer prompts (or perhaps I may just start writing a thousand words every week for the story) please comment them below 🙂
This doesn’t mean in the slightest that I won’t continue doing the 100 Word Challenge prompts, just that I will probably not write them about this story 🙂
This reminds me! The writing piece which I have been referring to as ‘the story’ definitely needs a better name, so after some thinking I have decided on:

Murky Absence

I hope you like the title of this longer writing piece. I’m sure a lot of you will be completely unsure what I’ve been talking about so I urge you to check out the links above for part 1 and 2 of this story -especially before reading part 3-.
Thanks for reading. There’ll be another post up soon 🙂

Murky Absence                                                                                                              part 3

My car trips from the therapist were usually forgotten; merely a divider between two events.
I turned right sharply, deaf to the angry honks behind me.
The way home was never forgotten, but today the landscape wasn’t familiar.
What compelled you to veer right, Ethan?

A memory twinkled in the distance.
Its soft gleam amplified into a blinding flash.
My unrecognisable voice thundered power, Sara suffered in my wrath.
A house on my left regained its familiarity.
I was about to escape, become absent in my murky memories, when a horrific crash launched me forward.
Airbags activated.
Memories forgotten.

99 Word Flash Fiction: Agoraphobia


Hello guys! This is another 99 Word Flash Fiction challenge. This prompt was one that I was unfamiliar with (at least partially). Agoraphobia, from what I have learnt is a type of anxiety disorder and has to do with being in public places.
Without further ado (sorry I really wanted to write that in at least one of my posts) here is my little piece which actually has a title this time- exciting stuff!
Thanks for reading, there’ll be another post up soon 🙂

Tense Melodies

The classical music in the air, the sweet melody that lifted the darkness off my shoulders stopped abruptly. My chest was tight, my hands clammy. A rope was being coiled around my heart.

Fearfully I looked up towards Kye. His hands had stopped. His face exposed the overwhelming panic clutching his throat. I didn’t take my eyes off Kye but I could sense the people in the audience eyeing each other, saying unspoken questions.

Why’d he stop?

Did he forget the notes?

Will he keep playing?

He raised his fearful eyes to my tense; asking his mum for support.