99 Word Flash Fiction: Agoraphobia


Hello guys! This is another 99 Word Flash Fiction challenge. This prompt was one that I was unfamiliar with (at least partially). Agoraphobia, from what I have learnt is a type of anxiety disorder and has to do with being in public places.
Without further ado (sorry I really wanted to write that in at least one of my posts) here is my little piece which actually has a title this time- exciting stuff!
Thanks for reading, there’ll be another post up soon 🙂

Tense Melodies

The classical music in the air, the sweet melody that lifted the darkness off my shoulders stopped abruptly. My chest was tight, my hands clammy. A rope was being coiled around my heart.

Fearfully I looked up towards Kye. His hands had stopped. His face exposed the overwhelming panic clutching his throat. I didn’t take my eyes off Kye but I could sense the people in the audience eyeing each other, saying unspoken questions.

Why’d he stop?

Did he forget the notes?

Will he keep playing?

He raised his fearful eyes to my tense; asking his mum for support.


11 thoughts on “99 Word Flash Fiction: Agoraphobia

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  2. You know I really like all your flash fiction writing.so I’ve decided to try writing like this too! Thanks for the inspiration! Before this I didn’t even know there was something called flash fiction. Thanks.

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  3. The tension you build in 99 words is spot on! I could feel the rustle of the puzzled audience and see the gaze between mum and sun, almost hear the plea for help. You wrote a great expression of the prompt!


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