99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge: Help


Hello 🙂 This week’s 99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge’ prompt was to do with help. Now I had so many different ideas swirling around in my head for this one (which I know I basically write for every  writing challenge on here…) but, I decided to do a simple story about getting help for the little things in life.
This story is also very loosely based off on a true story of when I went ice-skating with friends, it was a horrible experience for me since I am really bad at trying to keep balanced when standing up on the solid earth, let alone slippery ice.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy my little piece.
Thanks for reading, there’ll be another post up soon 🙂

Gliding on Ice
Fiona and I’d decided on ice-skating last week. I remembered the conversation all too well.
“How about this date night we go ice-skating?” Her voice slightly muzzled from the phone reception.
“Ice-skating… you sure? I mean-”
Fiona had laughed.
“Come on Harvey, it’ll be fine. I’ve been skating my whole life…and you can hold onto me for help…” Her voice had took on a playful edge.
Fiona could tell I wasn’t joking when I now gripped onto her for dear life.
The things you do for love”, I muttered glumly, watching Fiona’s smile as she glided on the ice.


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