One Month Anniversary :)


It twas a regular night on the 28th of February when I stumbled upon this site. Who was I to know that later on I would end up making my own blog featuring my writing and other small pieces?
I love how simply clicking ‘Start a Blog’ has ended up (and is still continuing to) making my writing skills/creativity flourish and made me see the world- and more importantly the people in this world- in a whole new light.
Imagennblog has made me think about stories like never before, it has made me properly delve into the tiny fragments of how we view life/living every day. It has made me think of new blog post ideas at the back of my head when doing other tasks.
Imagennblog has made me realise how little 100/99 words really is when writing a story. It has also realise the meaning behind every photo, and the connotations associated with regular words.
This blog, my blog, Imagennblog has made me who I am today- to which I am eternally grateful.
Perhaps I am exaggerating a wee bit, but I do not fib when I say (or type 🙂 ) that this creativity platform has guided me so much into becoming the person I aspire to be…
….and  it’s only been a month! Who knows what could happen in 2 months, or 6, or 12???
I would like to show my appreciation to my amazing 10 followers who chose to click that blue button and be spammed with my posts 🙂
No, but seriously your nice comments and support means heaps. I always smile when I log onto this site and there is the little orange dot next to my notifications 🙂
So…happy one month anniversary, can’t wait to see what the future brings!
Thanks for reading there’ll be another post up soon.

Little side note here: It has been over a week since my last post was up and I feel pretty bad 😦 I hadn’t been  Wordpress at all and I missed out on some comments and writing competitions this week.
My best excuse is homework. Because I do accelerated maths (I am currently doing 2 grades in one year which sounds really confusing but is just annoying and time-consuming)  I have it every (school) day so whenever I get homework it is always due the very next day.
I also had a few assignments, but no more excuses! The end of Term 1 is really near- I can feel it, so expect more frequent posts soon 🙂


100 Word Challenge: Dream- my entry


Yay, I love doing these 100 word challenges! Not to mention how much I love this week’s prompt. The word dream could mean so many things to so many different people. Dreams come in so many different forms and have different messages to everyone. Personally, I’m quite boring as I barely remember my dreams- and when I do, they are never anything spectacular mostly just a bit odd (which I think sums me up pretty well :))
This 100 Word Challenge was definitely the hardest one I have ever done. My story was at 156 words and refused to budge. Eventually I got down to 100 using some strategic word play, regrettably cutting out some lines here and there and finally a hyphen at the end. This story is a bit dark and gloomy which I am starting to realise is becoming a motif in my writing. But, for reasons I can’t describe I like expressing my writing through sad and emotionally distraught characters and events.
My story is below:
Thanks for reading. There’ll be another post up soon 🙂

“Harrolds, Ethan.” The lady at the desk called.
Trying to look untroubled, I strode into Dr. Stevens’ room.
“Hello Dr. Stevens.” My voice quavered slightly as I laid back on the chair.
“How are you, Ethan?” I imagined my therapist taking out his notepad and putting on his spectacles.
“Good.” I lied.
“No more dreams then? No nightmares?”
I paused for too long.
The dreams came back last night. As they did every night. I would never forget the image of Sara’s little face bloodied and bruised and my heart-wrenching guilt at what I’d done.
“No…all gone now, I think.”


99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge- Monsters


Hello :). As you can tell from the title of the post, here is another 99 word flash fiction challenge. I actually wrote this story a few days ago and normally I would upload it as soon as I had typed it down on Word but, I wanted to upload my posts gradually and not just bombard you guys with 5 posts in your Reader.
Monsters are an interesting topic to write about. I didn’t want to do an action piece about someone who fights zombies or slays trolls or anything like that (although those types of action/dystopian/adventure stories are always spectacular) because for monsters I’d rather write about a topic that more people could relate to. This story is quite a dark and sad one but, I hope you enjoy:

The Constant Nightmare

She felt them every night.

Every morning, afternoon, evening.
They were there, posting comments, spreading hatred.

Trembling, the girl looked over at her desk.
Even though her laptop was shattered, their thoughts made their way into her soul.

“Ur so rude.”
“I hope u die!”

No, she thought. I’m not a monster, they are!

But still, their words left ice on her heart. The girl’s vision blurred as tears streamed down her face.

“I hate u!”
“Die already!”
“How could u say that?!”

The monsters haunted her, in and out of her dreams.
They were her constant nightmare.

A Story in Five Sentences- my entry


Hello, I came across this writing challenge (link back here) after it was suggested to me by the blog site ‘Lerology‘. This challenge was definitely (with want for a better word) challenging, and was probably the most challenging challenge I have done so far…
The challenge is quite self-explanatory from the title but, basically you need to write a story in only 5 sentences and the word count cannot exceed 100 words.
I made a lot of drafts for this one and had ideas that simply didn’t work out, but finally here is my result; I hope you enjoy:

Pens and Bookshelves                                                                                                               (100 words)

It was on day 1 that I first glimpsed you.
We were in the library and you sent butterflies up and down my stomach, hidden behind a bookshelf I had watched you from the corner of my eye.

It was on day 11 when we first spoke.
I had picked up your pen in the lecture hall with a mumbled “here” and a lopsided smile- after that you seemed to always drop your pen around me.

It was on today that we shared our first kiss, we were hidden behind a bookshelf and your pen had fell to the ground…





What a peculiar thing.
No, not a thing. Not a being. Not even an emotion.
It is the burning desire of our hearts.
Passion is the name we give to the reason we do and take incredible and crazy schemes.

It is the reason we stay up all night, trying to find the right lyric to a song.
It is the reason we spend hours of our time writing scribbles on a notebook.
It is the reason we plead our parents to buy us a deck of cards.
It is the reason we see every moment as a photo opportunity.
It is the reason we stop suddenly from what we are doing and write something in the margin of a page.
It is the reason we stare at computer screens until our eyes blur, trying to type code.
It is the reason we devote our time towards practicing day in, day out.
It is because of passion that we think of ideas.
Passion is why our minds wander to a different place.
It comes in many forms and differs in every person.
It is the reason why we are who we are.

Passion is a force. One so commanding that we will always bend our will to it.
Passion is why our eyes suddenly light up and we exclaim: “I have a idea!”
It is why we have games, books, art, music, poetry, technology, fashion, life.
Passion is the reason the world continues to grow.
It grows; grows with people, agriculture, life, opinions, art, creativity, thoughts, technology, smiles.

Passion is why we strive to live, breathe in and out, wake up every day with a grin.

Without passion, where would we be today?


I hope you enjoyed that little piece I made up.
I was in English class today and we were brainstorming ideas for what protesting means. It was at that moment when the word passion entered my mind. I thought about it and began typing my ideas down.
I only had a few lines before the teacher asked for the laptop screens to be lowered, but it was in the back of my head and I continued to think about it for the rest of the lesson.
Hopefully you enjoyed this writing piece as I have never written anything like this before.
Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts 🙂
Thanks for reading. There’ll be another post up soon. xx

100 Word Challenge: Change- my entry


Hello 🙂 Today, I bring you another 100 Word Challenge! I’m really getting into these now, and I loved this week’s prompt: change.
Change can mean so many different things to different people. It could be moving to a new school, house, country. It could be a change in your daily routine or in your career. Change could be as small as taking a taxi instead of the bus, or it could be something as great as separating yourself from a relationship with someone.
Change could have both good and bad consequences. But, for many people it’s worth escaping the repetitiveness of their everyday lives.
Because you can only write so much in 100 words, and because I am not that good of a writer yet, I decided to make my little piece about a small change that the protagonist takes. I hope you enjoy:

Heads or Tails?

The amber trees swayed feebly as Kaden and I studied in the lonely park.
Normally a homeless man would sleep on the park benches or kids would be on the swings that now hanged limp. Today though,  it was completely quiet.
Kaden was hunched over his work but his pen was still.
“Kaden, this is boring. Let’s play a game.”
Kaden smiled and brought out a coin.
“Heads or tails?”
I always picked heads. Usually, Kaden wouldn’t even ask me.
But this time, I felt something was different. Change was needed.
He flipped the coin in surprise.
I won.

99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge- Library


Hello 🙂 About 15 minutes ago, I stumbled onto this great blog site (called the Carrot Ranch) And they have flash fiction challenges.
I absolutely love doing writing challenges and the Carrot Ranch’s flash fiction challenges give you a prompt and the stories have to be exactly 99 words (those of you who have read some of my other writing challenges may know/gathered that I struggle writing short writing pieces as I love giving the reader as much detail as possible…)
This week’s prompt was to include a library somewhere in the story. Link back to the original post is here.
Here’s my story which for the first time on this blog actually has a title! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Its Safe Haven

The air was open, the dark cold.
I shivered and inched forwards.
I could sense the destruction, the wreck that the darkness concealed from my eyes.
There was once a purpose to this place, a meaning.
Not surprising, any place that guarded the amulet would have depth.
I tensed, feeling something near, an object. Picking it up, I realised it was a book. It crumbled away, making me wonder if it had once been something more.
Perhaps this was once a library.
I laughed, it would be only too fitting to have the amulet’s birth place its safe haven.