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Hello 🙂 About 15 minutes ago, I stumbled onto this great blog site (called the Carrot Ranch) And they have flash fiction challenges.
I absolutely love doing writing challenges and the Carrot Ranch’s flash fiction challenges give you a prompt and the stories have to be exactly 99 words (those of you who have read some of my other writing challenges may know/gathered that I struggle writing short writing pieces as I love giving the reader as much detail as possible…)
This week’s prompt was to include a library somewhere in the story. Link back to the original post is here.
Here’s my story which for the first time on this blog actually has a title! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Its Safe Haven

The air was open, the dark cold.
I shivered and inched forwards.
I could sense the destruction, the wreck that the darkness concealed from my eyes.
There was once a purpose to this place, a meaning.
Not surprising, any place that guarded the amulet would have depth.
I tensed, feeling something near, an object. Picking it up, I realised it was a book. It crumbled away, making me wonder if it had once been something more.
Perhaps this was once a library.
I laughed, it would be only too fitting to have the amulet’s birth place its safe haven.


2 thoughts on “99 Word Flash Fiction Challenge- Library

  1. I’m so glad you found Carrot Ranch! The challenges have terrific benefits and one of them is “writing tight.” Like you, I love to write and ramble long with all the details I can put into words. Thus the word constraint helps me focus on which details are most important to carry a story. Great imaginative take on the prompt! I’ve used your blog name for your by line in the Weekly Compilation. Let me know if you want it otherwise. Hope to read more from you!

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